Monday, June 2, 2014

For Canine Hip Dysplasia And Arthritis, All That Is Left Is Nutrition

Industrially manufactured and preformulated dog food with unnaturally high protein and carbohydrate levels is currently being fed either wholly or partially to about 85% of the current canine population. Whether dogs are actually carnivorous or omnivorous is sort of irrevelent as this diet is what they are eating.

Do you really think one of these days the dog food industry is going to issue a big “oops” and announce that their dog food is a leading suspect of canine arthritis and hip dysplasia. Even if you don't think modern dog food formulations are a cause of the problems, you certainly can't argue that current dog food nutrition has done anything to remedy the problem as the 70-75% affliction rate in larger dogs has been with us for about sixty years.

Some medications have helped but in the range between aspirin and Tramadol, they offer only pain management and glucosamine and chondroitin supplements have provided limited relief but that is only the benefit of making connective tissue hydrate and be slightly more flexible until the supplement is no longer given and the problem returns.

That really leaves us nothing but nutrition to find a way to change those lousy numbers. Build A Better Dog has gained success though nutrition by getting some dogs active again and moving around without pain. That is with real cutting edge supplementation that increases bone mineral density, increases flexibility of tendons and ligaments, fights inflammation and infection, and improves digestive effectiveness.

All those benefits lead to sounder joints and an overall healthier dog. TriadPerformance Supplement from Build A Better Dog carries a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with no gimmicks or fine print warranty exclusions.

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