Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Testimonial That Solidly Shows An Effect On Canine Hip Dysplasia And Arthritis

Connie was concerned about her dog Nellie and it's inability to go on walks with her as she had in the past and her perceived energy level was dropping as she spent more and more of her day sleeping or just lying around.  She found Build A Better Dog on the internet and ordered a container of supplement to see if their approach of treating the dog's overall health and concentration on bone mass density(BMD) would help get "Nellie" back to a more active lifestyle.

Connie saw a marked change in Nellie after less than three weeks.  Nellie was more active, slept less, and of major importance, was beginning to accompany Connie on her daily walk.  She was very positive about the progress Nellie had made.

Several months later, an issue arose when a subsequent shipment of the product Nellie was getting which was Triad Performance Supplement from Build A Better Dog, a subsequent shipment was mixed up in the mail and delivery was delayed.  As the problem was resolved, this correspondence came about:

“I won't wait so late to order in the future - just a couple of days without her supplement and we see a difference.  First she doesn't like her food as much without it but mostly she has less pep and trouble moving around.  

In fact, I've been meaning to write in to your site.  We went on vacation for 8 days and and I didn't send her supplement because I didn't want a hassle with the other dogs.  When we got back she was limping and really run down and I worried she had taken a bad turn for the worse but after two days back on her supplement. She was back to her old self and doing very well!  We are very grateful that we have this to give our Nellie!  I will write in a testimonial!”-Connie from Texas

Triad Performance Supplement carries a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that you will be just as pleased with your results if you put your dog on a similar regimen.

This is an illustration of what Nellie's difficulty  actually is, a difficulty that can be aided and eased by the use of chelated trace minerals and probiotic therapy.  The following video will help explain just how more digestible and organically bound trace minerals can improve the lives of your dogs that are suffering.

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