Saturday, July 19, 2014

Canine Hip Dysplasia Relief For Newfoundlands And Other Dogs

I recently found this information while reading over some websites.

The most prevalent joint disease in Newfoundlands is hip dysplasia. Dysplasia is a term used for abnormal or improper growth. Canine hip dysplasia is a condition in which the hip joint of the dog is not developed properly. Hip joint is the most important “weight bearing joint” of the body. In hip joint, the thigh bone or femur having a spherical head rotates in a cavity shaped acetabulum of hip bone. Normally, the femur bone fits into the hip bone and rotates smoothly. Various ligaments surround the joint that keep the joint bones intact in their place and provide strength to it. But in hip dysplasia the development or growth of hip bone cavity does not take place correctly. The hip bone cavity becomes too shallow or disrupted in shape that it becomes difficult for it to hold the head of femur. As a result, the thigh bone fits loosely into hip bone and moves freely. The bone surfaces rub against each other roughly which accelerates the wear and tear process of bones and cartilages, leading to inflammation and pain in joint.
The manifested symptoms of hip dysplasia are pain, lameness of hind limbs, limping, difficulty in climbing stairs and hopping while walking (bunny hop).”
This assessment of hip dysplasia was published online to sell a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement and makes the case that other than the use of an anti inflammatory, the only oher alternative to relief was to have, “surgical treatment like arthroscopy which is done to remove the damaged cartilage tissue. Once the dead tissue is removed, it will regrow and new tissue will replace the damaged."
What if it doesn't? What if the damage to the cartilage is simply repeated because the root cause, the malformed or malfunctioning femur and acetabulum may very well continue to do damage to the connective tissue and in the future, the very costly surgery becomes necessary again to promote the healthy healing of cartilage."
The most practical and probably the most effective course of action is a chelated mineral supplement with yeast, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and a healthy level of anti-oxidants. The chelated minerals will add some bone mass density(BMD) to the inflamed bones and add elasticity to the connective tissue and the other ingredients will reduce tissue damage and increase nutrient utilization to make for a better overall
This will provide healthy, long term, and effective movement back into your dog's life and even more important, pain free activity with the use of drugs for the life of your pet.
Don't believe me, just ask Connie from Texas or see what Donna from NorthCarolina or see the video testimonial about Zoe, Nena from Raleigh, NC's  eight year old German Shepherd that could not go upstairs or get on her owners standard height bed. Lastly, read about Doreen, a sixteen year old cat that is back to jumping around the furniture and maintaining her weight and condition like she did when she was younger.
Triad Performance Supplement from Build A Better Dog is just such a supplement and the people who have used it tell the stories of success and their satisfaction. Triad Performance Supplement carries a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee so there is no risk to the customer or their pet.

Take a look at Build A Better Dog's website or hook up with their facebookpage to learn more about this wonderful product that actually works. 
Connie's Nellie
Donna's Harley
Nena's Zoe
Our Doreen

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism vs. Symptoms of Aging and General Health


I came across a story by Dr. Susan Baker in the Palm Beach Post about dogs that show certain symptoms that, when looked at in their totality may very well be diagnosed as hypothyroidism. Those symptoms are less energy, laying around, gaining weight and poor hair coat quality. These symptoms could very well be hypothyroidism but they could also be the result of mineral deficiencies and just plain aging.  Poor mineral nutrition, especially zinc, copper, and iron affect thyroid function and the thyroid is very susceptible to oxidative stress. 

When dogs reach the age of 5 to 7, they lose 50% of their ability to digest trace minerals and if they are being fed a dog food that uses such outdated and inefficient trace mineral sources as copper oxide, zinc sulfate, manganous oxide, and other mineral compounds that must be broken down in the digestive process before they are utilized, it is small wonder that the health of adult and senior dogs would suffer.

These aforementioned mineral compounds are digested at an average rate of close to 5% and adding higher levels of traditional trace mineral sources is almost useless because of the low absorption levels.

This means that the alternative has to be using organic mineral sources like chelated trace minerals which incorporates the bonding of one molecule of a raw mineral like zinc and two amino acids(protein broken down into its component parts). These ingredients are very effective because they are of a size that is already digestible and raw minerals are used and don't have to be broken down any further. This increases the digestibility of the minerals by up to six times.

Now, I hope your dog does not suffer from hypothyroidism because you are looking at a lifetime of medication that works to correct only that condition while the alternative, should it be proven to be accurate means a health supplement that will enhance quality of life in many areas for many years and may prevent long term therapy that is not only expensive but is single purposed.

TriadPerformance Supplement from Build A Better Dog incorporates chelated trace minerals and goes even further in fortification to make available yeast, probiotics, digestive enzymes, powerful antioxidants, multiple Omega fatty acids, mannan oligosacharrides, and many other healthy ingredients for the benefit of your dog.

Check out for additional information and also our facebook page.

All products from Build A Better Dog are unconditionally guaranteed for customer satisfaction and warrant to return your total cost should you not be completely satisfied with the results.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Wonderful, Wonderful Post From My Very First Customer/Contact

This tracks back to one of our very first sample customers

Donna and Harley
Harley, at 14 years, is old and nearly deaf, but her sight is still good.  I had been giving her another Glucosomine and Chondroitin supplement but it got so expensive.  After six days on Triad Performance Supplement, my son went to the barn with Harley to feed the mule and the chickens.  He came back and said that Harley was playing with the tennis balls and chasing the chickens again.  He asked if he could have some of Harley's supplement on his cereal in the morning.

Hi Jerry: When my cousin Connie, from TX, came to visit me last Oct. I told her abt. your product--& of course she has known my Harley for 16 yrs., I gave her your contact info. & this is the 1st time I've heard from her. We were at the NC coast in Oct., & I don't remember if I gave her a sample or not. But, she obviously followed up with your business card. See below comment.
I had a Foster pup adopted last Sat. by a couple in VA. They have a 12 yr. old Schnauzer dog. I gave them your info. and a sample of the product. I do put all my fosters, all ages, on the product. Hopefully they will contact you.
I'm abt. out of the product. We are just now opening our building at the Hidden Oaks Dog Park (that's where I spoke to you, in person for the 1st time) I haven't gotten approval from the Humane Society Board yet, but I'd like to have your product info. available there. I doubt they they will say--yah--that's a great idea. I'm guessing it will just be me passing out your contact info. to people who would seem interested in a nutritional supplement.
My Harley, 16 yrs. old & 5 mo. old Dinky with a broken back leg
Connie's Words
"And thank you for telling me about the Triad supplement for Nellie!  What a difference it has made, although she still has her large growths, they don't seem to be bothering her.  We've been walking about three miles each morning and she leads the way!"

MY WORDS-Nellie, Connie's faithful dog, is a testimonial to what minerals can do for a dog's quality of life.  It is also a testimonial to what organic mineral forms(chelated minerals) can do for many life functions.  Thank you Donna and thank you Connie. 

I originally had no idea that Connie and you were connected.  Thank you for the referral and thanks the both of you for your loyalty.  
Jerry Pardue
Build A Better Dog

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Canine Arthritis Is Not Only Widespread, It is Expensive

Looking over various websites dedicated to pet health, I often land on and the same happened today when I saw a post about common conditions in senior dogs written by Dr. Karen Becker as they promote Mercola Brand Products pet line. The first condition mentioned was canine arthritis and according to Dr. Becker, "Chiropractic adjustments, massage, stretching, aquatic therapy and acupuncture are therapies that can make a world of difference in the mobility of your pet as he ages. Talk with your holistic/integrative vet about supplements you can add to your dog’s diet to help maintain healthy tendons, ligaments, joints and cartilage."

There is one phase of all those recommendations and treatment therapies that I would be very, very concerned about and that is cost.  Now this is not a criticism of what a session of aquatic therapy costs nor of the charge for an acupuncture treatment, but I have to say that a lot of people, actually the majority of people, just don't have the money for hundreds of dollars in fees per month but, their dogs need relief just like those who can afford it without pinching their monthly budget.

So, let me recommend just a plain old working class cure for a plain old working  class dog owner of a plain old working  class dog.  Triad Performance Supplement from Build A Better Dog is just such a product that not only treats various and many health challenges for senior dogs, it has as it's most outstanding feature/benefit, the ability to get those tender joints healed, restore normal walking and running ability, and reduce joint inflammation and just plain relieve the pain.

This is by no means a criticism of the Mercola website, a great place to visit for information, but let me say that sometimes, solutions are simple and a broad spectrum supplement with chelated trace minerals, yeast, probiotics, digestive enzymes, Omega fatty acids, mannan oligosacharrides, and powerful anti-oxidants which describes Triad Performance Supplement to a T.  That's a T for Triad.

Zoe, an 8 year old German Shepherd with arthritis 
and hip dysplasia

Saturday, July 5, 2014


It was a number of years ago when she started going through long bouts of losing weight and her hair coat becoming dull and her activity was limited to just lying around and sleeping. She sometimes showed signs of arthritis in her hips and possibly her back.

When I formulated Triad Performance Supplement, Teresa and I started giving her a dose on a daily basis and she did get better and her hair coat quality came back to a large degree and her activity improved. Her weight was pretty well maintained for about two years now.

It was certainly worth giving to her. The crowning tribute to her and the product came yesterday when, in the room she was in, there was a dresser about three feet high and about 4 to 5 feet away was a five foot high chest of drawers. Doreen was sitting on top of the chest of drawers watching out over the room.

Doreen is 16 years old and we don't know how much longer she will be with us but we do know that there has been numerous times when her health was not good but now her condition is consistent and she gets around like a much younger cat.

Find out more about Triad Performance Supplement from Build A Better Dog and maybe you too can see your ailing pet move into a more energetic life with less pain from arthritis and dysplasia.