Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Testimonial That Solidly Shows An Effect On Canine Hip Dysplasia And Arthritis, Cont'd

Hopefully you read the original blog post about Connie's testimonial as to her dog Nellie's improvement in health and activity while on Triad Performance Supplement  from Build A Better Dog.  This is an added comment from Connie after I sent her a copy of the original blog post.

"Thank you for sending me this!  It is so true and I hope it leads more pets to good health!

PS my husband often thinks I'm a little off because of all the organic and healthy things I use - these two incidents proved to him that it's not just a fad, THIS stuff really makes a difference!

Have a great day!  Connie" 

Triad Performance uses ingredients that are processed in human food quality labs and uses no imported ingredients and remember, satisfaction is totally guaranteed.

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