Friday, June 7, 2013

Take A Look At Gabby

DOB: 4/28/2008


Hi. My name is Gabby, my friends call me Gabs, so you can too. I was an overbred and neglected mama dog found homeless by Pender County Animal Control. I was a very sick, underweight, and sad girl. The people who found me understood why I was so sad, I was full of milk, but there were no babies to be found. I was so sick, many didn’t think I would make it out of the shelter alive, but Promoting Animal Welfare in NC saw that I just needed a lot of medical care and TLC to bring out the beautiful girl that I really am. That’s exactly what they did. After a short stay in the hospital, I went to my foster home where I regained strength, got my fur back, fought many infections, and put on some weight. The infections in my teats were so bad, I just couldn’t fight those any more, so I had to have a radical mastectomy to be rid of those infections. But after that surgery along with my spay surgery, ta daaaaa, here I am, Miss Fab Gabs!

I went from 43 to 67 lbs, and I’m a big athletic Staffordshire Terrier Mix who loves to snuggle and hang out where ever you are. I would do well with kids who are old enough to not fall over if a big girl bumped into them, because I’m a leaner! I love walks, eating grass, and collecting stuffed animals. I walk well on a leash unless I get really excited, but I’m eager to please you, so I’ll slow down. I’m crate trained and pottied trained. Since I used to live outside, I need to go out on a schedule at night when you’re home because I’m excited, but I can go all day with no accidents. I was pretty beat up when I was found, so I’m a little anxious around other dogs, but get along well with slow introductions. I’m hoping to be an only dog, or I don’t mind living with another dog who will let me be the boss, preferably a handsome boy.

I have lived with my foster family since I was rescued of May of 2012, spending a lot of time healing and learning to trust and what it feels like for a human to love me. I have a crazy boxer tripod boxer sister that I love to wrestle with, and I always let her win, because I’m sweet like that. I’m not really fond of cats, they look kinda sneaky and I try to run them off. I’ve been on slow kill heart worm treatment, and my 6 month test barely showed a trace of heartworms left, so with a few more months of treatment, those should be all gone very soon. So now that I’m a healthy girl, I’m ready to move on and find a family of my own. Oh did I mention how much I love a man or woman in uniform? (KK)

Up to date on age appropriate vaccines, spayed and micro-chipped.


Take A Look At Gabby

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