Friday, June 7, 2013

Bullies 2 Rescue, Take A Look

Hey EveryBullie! My name is Lucy and I am just one of the lucky bullies that have come into Bullies 2 The Rescue over the past week!! WHEW – has it been busy!! I was immediately adopted by the most wonderful family that even included a Mimi (that’s my Gramma)!!

There is so much going on in B2TR right now! There are new fosters…. Check out Cupcake and Darla…, new adoptabulls… Check out my sister Mina and our handsome buddy Buzz…, and some FUN new fundraising events!! So go check it all out and remember…

… We can’t do ANY of this without YOUR support!! Please help my friends in any way you can! Meatball will get you started on how to do just that!!

Take it away Meatball!!

Hey everyone! So glad you stopped by our little place on the web! My name is Meatball and I am the CEB (Chief Executive Bullie) and Spokesbullie for B2TR! There’s lots to see and read around here and I will be your guide. But first I should tell you a couple of things.

Bullies 2 The Rescue is run exclusively by volunteers. And there are never enough. So any little thing that anyone can do is welcome and much appreciated. First and foremost, our mission is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all the bulldogs we take in. So if you can give some time, or you have a talent for fundraising, or you can be a leg (or two) in a bullie-train to transport one of our rescues, or even if you don’t know what you can do but want to help anyway, please CONTACT US and we’ll find something for you to do.

You will see off to the left some links to a whole bunch of different things. Please feel free to browse around and check us out. You’ll find lots of pictures of bullies who have come through our doors along with some incredible success stories. (Those are my personal favorites!)

B2TR is also committed to taking in English Bulldogs who for whatever reason (we do not judge!) are being surrendered by their owners. We feel very strongly that this is a much safer alternative to surrendering to a shelter.

Ok everyone… here’s the first picture to capture your heart and bring you into our world… also known as… The Bungalow. (I’ll tell you more about that later!!)

Bullies 2 Rescue, Take A Look

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