Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Very Sad End For Shane

Stunner Shane update – The original X ray showed a big break in his leg. During surgery that big break turned out to be a crushed section. Sadly, that leg was deemed irreparable. Normally we could amputate the badly broken leg however his “good leg” was damaged at the hip. The location of the damage on the “good leg” meant Stunner Shane would endure even more suffering and pain if we chose to amputate the other leg. The damage would prevent him from standing, would be very painful and our vets were unsure if there was even more damage not shown on the X rays. Both the attending vet and our consulting vet agreed that euthanasia would be the most humane option. Our partners at Surry Animal Rescue (who originally took him to the vet) were consulted and agreed.

Stunner Shane was surrounded by love as he passed over to the rainbow bridge.

These decisions are never easy for us. MPBF spares no expense when it comes to the dogs in our care. Allowing Stunner Shane to suffer would be cruel and goes against our rescuer’s creed.

Those who donated towards his care will be contacted individually and offered full refunds. We can not thank you enough for your support. The donations and shares for Stunner Shane’s story allowed us to be in n a position to help him. The outcome is devastating, but there are so many other dogs just like Stunner Shane that need us. We hope to have your continued support .

****We love you Stunner Shane. You were loved. Run free sweet boy.***

Jeremy & Vanessa

A Very Sad End For Shane

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