Monday, April 8, 2013

What Are Chelated Minerals?

A lot of people have heard of chelated minerals but are not sure what they are.  The term chelate comes from the Greek meaning “claw” and if you will picture a claw clamped down on some object, that is what a true chelated mineral is.  It is a molecule of a mineral surrounded by two amino acids.  The advantage of chelated minerals is the molecules have limited size and the minerals are in their pure form and do not have to be broken down before they are absorbed.  This makes mineral absorption fast, simple, and efficient.

There is only one true chelated mineral that meets this definition and that is “metal amino acid chelates” which will be displayed on a feed product with the name of the mineral followed by the term amino acid chelate, like zinc amino acid chelate.

This is the type of minerals you will find in products produced by Build A Better Dog  These amino acid chelates have never been equaled in performance and reliability by any other products on the market.

chelated minerals

What Are Chelated Minerals?

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