Monday, April 8, 2013

Addressing Salmonella

The news online and otherwise has been filled with stories about pet food recalls and the top culprit seems to be salmonella.  When a dog or cat comes down with salmonella poisoning, it is an ugly and painful experience.  The truth is, salmonella is almost everywhere but the important part of the story is how much doe the animal get.  All dogs have experienced some level of salmonella but the part that is really dangerous is when the pathogen attaches itself to the intestinal wall and begins to colonize and the population grows by leaps and bounds.  This is when your dog gets really sick.

There is an organic and very innovative product on the market that is called Bio-Mos.  It is actually a mannan oligosacharide which is an extract of molecules of yeast.  These “mos” products do some very good things to a dog with one of the very important effects that it prevents the pathogens from colonizing and growing on the intestinal wall.  The substance virtually locks onto the bacteria and escorts it out of the dogs body in the form of feces.

Triad Performance Supplement is now added to Bio-Mos to help counteract and reduce the damage done by salmonella.  Thanks to Build A Better Dog you can have more peace of mind when you top dress Triad onto your favorite pet food for your beloved pet.


Addressing Salmonella

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