Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pet Food Frustrations

For many years, those who have become activists for better pet food nutrition have become frustrated with the fact that the FDA has responsibility for pet food quality but act as though it is not near as important as human nutrition and does not merit similar focus on not only ingredients but quality of ingredients.

Susan Thixton is a bold and ferocious advocate of healthy food for our dogs and cats.  She founded Truth About Pet Foods and has been a stalwart defender of doing what it takes to keep our beloved animals safe and healthy.

This item gives some detail to the lack of adequate standards and the degree to which the FDA ignores better vigilance in what makes up our pet foods.

This is a huge concern for Build A Better Dog as we use better nutritional ingredients to make you dogs safer and healthier and their owners more secure in what they feed.



Pet Food Frustrations

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