Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Great Testimonial To The Effectiveness of Triad Performance Supplement From Build A Better Dog

This is the before situation as outlined by Cheryl, then a potential customer whom I asked to describe her dog's situation:

"She was left behind by some renters in our neighborhood. We took her in. This was August of 2013. She was fine. Ran hard, played hard. Just over the past six months, she went from favoring her back left leg - or so I thought leg - but then it appeared it could be her hip.

Just in the past two weeks, she has gone from favoring the left back side to favoring both back sides and just in one week, she has gone from, not only favoring them but she is walking on her two front legs. I bought a harness to help me with taking her for short walks - It is a lifting harness - that way, at times, when she cant walk back home, I can lift her by the two handles on the harness and carry her home. She used it today, for the first time, and she did walk on her back legs but hobbled and had to stop for breaks. I do not have the money to take the her in for a vet visit, right now. I am having to accept that she has lost the majority of use in her hind area and just deal with it the best I can. I am in hopes that your product might help her."

When she received her first shipment of Triad Performance Supplement, I asked her to contact me in about 7 to 10 days and tell me about her experience:

"My dog is on her seventh day of the Triad Performance Supplement. I think I can go ahead and tell you how she is doing, so far, so that you can tell me what I should be doing from here.

On the fifth day, Dixie stood up all on her own. I wont say it is perfect. She has a little struggle. But she stood up. She walked. And that is not perfect. It is a hobble walk. But she walked on her own! On her evening walk, she even hobble jogged a half of a block. I did not make her do this. She decided she wanted to jog!!! She walked the rest of the square block.

On the sixth day, she stood up on her own, with some struggle but better than the fifth day. She enjoyed her morning walk. It is still a hobble walk, but a walk. I took her for her evening walk. She hobble jogged a half of a block, again. She walked the rest of the square block, with a little hobbling but still walking. Later that night, she wanted a third walk! So, I obliged her. She hobble jogged a half of a block, again, and walked the rest of the square home. She got up and down, throughout the day, all on her own. It is a slow up and down but she is doin it all by herself.

Today is the seventh day. She is getting up on her own. She is enjoying her walks. It is still a hobbly walk and her legs do still tremble when she stands - but she is doing it. I have been tickled with her because I can see she is even excited that she is gettin up, around, walking and doin a little jog. I think I would like to continue the two tablespoons, twice a day, for a while longer. I dont know if that is ok or not and I dont know how much longer I should do that. I dont know what signs we are looking for except just better all around movement. Please let me know what you think.

I have been telling people what is going on, since Dixie began the supplement. There are a couple of other people who are saying it is worth a try for them, so maybe they will be ordering soon, if they haven't already."

She then followed up with this action plan:

", I am going to want her to keep using this product. I am not going to take a chance and ever stop using it. I already see that she is capable of having troubles, so no sense in taking her off of a good supplement."

I want to take this opportunity to thank Cheryl for her time and support for Triad Performance Supplement from Build A Better Dog.

This is often the source and the result of canine hip dysplasia


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  2. This is Cherryl. I want to give an update, since the ones from above. Dixie has only been on the Triad Performane Supplement for four weeks. We saw improvement in two weeks and now, at the fourth week, she is up, walking, running, gettin up and down from the couch and she is back to her barking, bright eyed, alert, happy way she is. She got so bad, she wasnt doin all of this and I had her wearing a harness for support. I am recommending Triad Performance to everyone I know.

  3. You aint gonna believe this!! I had recently had Dixie vaccinated and within a few days, she could not walk!! I kept swearing the vaccinations caused her hip dysplasia. I am like freakin out - I was right!!

    Vaccines and Joint Disorders: The Canine Health Concern’s 1997 study of 4,000 dogs showed a high number of dogs developing mobility problems shortly after they were vaccinated