Monday, June 29, 2015

Here Is A Post Worthy Of Note From Build A Better Dog


This is from a new customer who got her first shipment of product this past Friday.

"First, I did notice the larger container and would like to thank you.  My dog is a nine year old boxer.  Her name is Belle and I have raised her from six weeks of age.  In other words...she's my baby :)  Over the last year I have noticed a significant decline in her health.  I've noticed stiffness in her legs that has limited her ability to get on or off the couch and to go up or down the steps to get outside.  I talked with our vet and pretty much have tried everything to reduce the pain and improve her mobility.  She hadn't improved much nor had she gotten worse until the last few weeks.   Last week when I found your site, I was in tears; completely desperate.   My poor girl's back legs seemed to have stopped working altogether.   She fell off both the couch and stairs. Practically every time she tried to stand or walk, her legs simply gave out causing her to fall down.   I didn't know what else to do and couldn't stand to see her in so much pain! 
I received your product on Friday, June 26th, and started her on it immediately. Today is Monday,  June 29th, and I am thrilled to be able to say that I can already see a difference.   I'm mostly noticing that she has more stability when she stands and when she walks on flat surfaces.   Also, this morning she was much less timid in going down the stairs, which means to me that she is feeling stronger and not so afraid of falling down.   

I'm honestly so pleased with the results so far that I am going to start Belle's husband Beau on it tonight.   He's a seven year old boxer with what I think could be the beginnings of hip dysplasia.   I think your product may benefit him as well.  

Thank you again, and be on the lookout for another order soon!"


I am happy to report that my girl is doing very well.  She's walking much better than before!  I'm thrilled with this product and her improvement so far.   Thank you for caring. I have attached a photo of my sweet Belle :)

These are great results that really gives us so hope for our pets in the future.

Jerry Pardue
Build A Better Dog  

Dysplasia is a problem that goes all the way down to the critical joints of your pet.

Amy's Belle

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