Sunday, July 13, 2014

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism vs. Symptoms of Aging and General Health


I came across a story by Dr. Susan Baker in the Palm Beach Post about dogs that show certain symptoms that, when looked at in their totality may very well be diagnosed as hypothyroidism. Those symptoms are less energy, laying around, gaining weight and poor hair coat quality. These symptoms could very well be hypothyroidism but they could also be the result of mineral deficiencies and just plain aging.  Poor mineral nutrition, especially zinc, copper, and iron affect thyroid function and the thyroid is very susceptible to oxidative stress. 

When dogs reach the age of 5 to 7, they lose 50% of their ability to digest trace minerals and if they are being fed a dog food that uses such outdated and inefficient trace mineral sources as copper oxide, zinc sulfate, manganous oxide, and other mineral compounds that must be broken down in the digestive process before they are utilized, it is small wonder that the health of adult and senior dogs would suffer.

These aforementioned mineral compounds are digested at an average rate of close to 5% and adding higher levels of traditional trace mineral sources is almost useless because of the low absorption levels.

This means that the alternative has to be using organic mineral sources like chelated trace minerals which incorporates the bonding of one molecule of a raw mineral like zinc and two amino acids(protein broken down into its component parts). These ingredients are very effective because they are of a size that is already digestible and raw minerals are used and don't have to be broken down any further. This increases the digestibility of the minerals by up to six times.

Now, I hope your dog does not suffer from hypothyroidism because you are looking at a lifetime of medication that works to correct only that condition while the alternative, should it be proven to be accurate means a health supplement that will enhance quality of life in many areas for many years and may prevent long term therapy that is not only expensive but is single purposed.

TriadPerformance Supplement from Build A Better Dog incorporates chelated trace minerals and goes even further in fortification to make available yeast, probiotics, digestive enzymes, powerful antioxidants, multiple Omega fatty acids, mannan oligosacharrides, and many other healthy ingredients for the benefit of your dog.

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All products from Build A Better Dog are unconditionally guaranteed for customer satisfaction and warrant to return your total cost should you not be completely satisfied with the results.


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