Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Wonderful, Wonderful Post From My Very First Customer/Contact

This tracks back to one of our very first sample customers

Donna and Harley
Harley, at 14 years, is old and nearly deaf, but her sight is still good.  I had been giving her another Glucosomine and Chondroitin supplement but it got so expensive.  After six days on Triad Performance Supplement, my son went to the barn with Harley to feed the mule and the chickens.  He came back and said that Harley was playing with the tennis balls and chasing the chickens again.  He asked if he could have some of Harley's supplement on his cereal in the morning.

Hi Jerry: When my cousin Connie, from TX, came to visit me last Oct. I told her abt. your product--& of course she has known my Harley for 16 yrs., I gave her your contact info. & this is the 1st time I've heard from her. We were at the NC coast in Oct., & I don't remember if I gave her a sample or not. But, she obviously followed up with your business card. See below comment.
I had a Foster pup adopted last Sat. by a couple in VA. They have a 12 yr. old Schnauzer dog. I gave them your info. and a sample of the product. I do put all my fosters, all ages, on the product. Hopefully they will contact you.
I'm abt. out of the product. We are just now opening our building at the Hidden Oaks Dog Park (that's where I spoke to you, in person for the 1st time) I haven't gotten approval from the Humane Society Board yet, but I'd like to have your product info. available there. I doubt they they will say--yah--that's a great idea. I'm guessing it will just be me passing out your contact info. to people who would seem interested in a nutritional supplement.
My Harley, 16 yrs. old & 5 mo. old Dinky with a broken back leg
Connie's Words
"And thank you for telling me about the Triad supplement for Nellie!  What a difference it has made, although she still has her large growths, they don't seem to be bothering her.  We've been walking about three miles each morning and she leads the way!"

MY WORDS-Nellie, Connie's faithful dog, is a testimonial to what minerals can do for a dog's quality of life.  It is also a testimonial to what organic mineral forms(chelated minerals) can do for many life functions.  Thank you Donna and thank you Connie. 

I originally had no idea that Connie and you were connected.  Thank you for the referral and thanks the both of you for your loyalty.  
Jerry Pardue
Build A Better Dog

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