Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A New Benefit For Triad Performance Supplement

Karen from Ohio reported back to me on her initial order of Triad Performance Supplement.  

"I have noticed an improvement with the chronic yeast infections in his ears. If I skip his supplements for a few days, the yeast infection comes back. He likes the supplement, too. He prefers to eat his food with the supplement mixed in. I use about one rounded teaspoon daily. Thank you for this product... I'm sure this will help with his mobility and comfort as he ages!"

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  1. Hi Jerry!
    I saw your Youtube message about 6 weeks ago and purchased my first bag of Build a Better Dog for my 2 German Shepherds. I had them on Dinovite but not totally happy. When I got the BABD I mixed it with Dinovite I had left over and started giving to my dogs daily. IT HAS BEEN FANTASTIC! Both have stopped shedding, have a wonderful energy level, strong gaits and sleek coats and glistening eyes. :)
    I wanted to place another order...but am having trouble getting onto your site. Can you help me??


    Magnolia TX - Rosbrough German Shepherds