Saturday, August 29, 2015


"We have an 11 year old black/white Shih Tzu female that has almost lost all ability to walk. I know she has that dreaded Hip Dysplasia.
We are going to give this a shot as we really have no other things to try. We would have had her put down a couple months ago, but I still think there is hope for her. Please send whatever you think may help. Thank you."

This was in a letter from Charles in Iowa

Charles ordered some Triad Performance Supplement and a week after receiving the product, he sent this message:

"We have had our 11 year Shih tzu  on your supplement for 1 week now and she went from the frog sitting to standing now while eating. She used to be on her stomach when eating. Will keep you posted. Shot a small video of her walking to her food dish before we started the treatment. Wish her luck."

Thank you Charles for taking the time to give us some feedback on your situation with your pet.

Triad Performance Supplement actually works and that is why it carries a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

If you are not convinced, visit our independent blog page here and read these amazing testimonials from customers with rehabilitated pets.

Triad Performance Supplement from Build A Better Dog contains no dangerous chemicals or drugs therefore you have no concern of drug interaction or sensitivity.  This is an all natural remedy with all the ingredients produced in human food grade plants with human food grade ingredients.

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