Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mannan Oligosacharrides Protect Your Dogs Health

Mannan Oligosacharrides or MOS are substances extracted from yeasts with a process called hydrolyzing. The yeasts are saturated in water and the MOS can then be harvested from the yeasts.

You may not have heard of MOS but they have been around for a while and they provide significant health advantages for your dogs. First off, when female dogs have puppies, it has been shown that there are lowered mortality rates and heavier birth rates of newborns.

There are also levels of protection in the gut that seems to coat the gut lining and prevent pathogens from attaching to the wall of the digestive system and colonizing and growing in number. This is important because bacteria like salmonella is present almost everywhere but is a levels low enough that they do no harm and this stops them from growing in numbers in the digestive tract and preventing dangerous breaks.

The third benefit is that when salmonella is present in a dog food, MOS acts as a binder to salmonella bacteria as it ties it up and does not do the level of harm that it could. Some dog food companies put a type of clay in dog food to serve as a binder for bacteria but this is not very effective because the clay has limited absorptive surfaces and is non-nutritional, that is, it has no food value.

MOS has much better absorptive qualities and carries some nutritional benefits with it.

Triad Performance Supplement from Build A Better Dog contains MOS and this is a key benefit that you will not find in almost any other canine supplement or food product.

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