Thursday, January 9, 2014

Do Consumers Really Have A Chance?

Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food and Petsumer Report is at the AAFCO(American Association of Feed Control Officials) and she sent this message regarding who is at the meeting.
"I just got this from Susan Thixton today which tells us something about how the deck is stacked against consumers and their pets.
"In the midst of representatives stating their affiliation with ‘Mars Petcare’, ‘P&G’, ‘Cargill’, ‘Purina’, Del Monte’, ‘Hills Science Diet’ and all the others in attendance – there were two consumer advocates…myself and Mollie Morrissette (weather permitting Dr. Cathy Alinovi will join us tomorrow).  There are an estimated 200 representatives of industry representatives here – either directly working for a manufacturer or ingredient supplier or industry trade groups.  Standing and stating my name and “Association for Truth in Pet Food” is quite an honor (kinda fun actually stating those ‘truth in pet food’ words knowing many are cringing at the name)."
Thank you Susan for your powerful voice

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