Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What Is The FDA Smoking?

The FDA recently released the results of a study that compared raw pet food products vs. commercially prepared dry and semi-moist dog and cat foods and jerky type treats.  Those results showed that they tested 480 samples of dry and semi-moist products and found 0 incidences of salmonella and 0 incidences of L. monocytogenes.
The part of the test covering jerky type treats tested 190 commercially prepared products and found 0 incidences of the same two pathogens.
Raw pet food products were also tested and of 196 formulas tested, they found 15 incidences of salmonella and 32 incidences of L. monocytogenes.
Now, the FDA proclaims that they have "zero tolerance" for incidences of salmonella and L monocytogenes so you have to wonder two things.
1.)  There have been numerous recalls of dry, semi-moist pet foods and jerky type treats over the past year which occurred at the same time those recalls were going on and their testing just happened to miss all those products that have been recalled by coincidence. and
2.)  They found a total of 47 incidences of pathogens in raw pet food products at an incidence rate of  24% but none of those products were targeted for recall in this "zero tolerance" world.
To not make the connection of utter nonsense, I would have to be smoking something very potent.

Note:  Thanks to Susan Thixton at Truth About Pet Food for amassing and publishing this information.

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