Monday, February 25, 2013

Rice Bran Based

Rice bran is an excellent source of nutrients but, when the bran is actually separated from the rice kernel, an enzyme called lepase is released which begins a process of growing rancidity for the bran.  This not only changes the taste and aroma of the bran, it begins to destroy many of the nutrients and can give rise to toxicity in the bran.  
There is a company called Nutrecea which years ago solved that problem by building a rice bran processing plant that was attached to a rice mill and began to stabilize the bran by destroying the destructive enzyme immediately after separation.  Thls process gave Nutrecea the opportunity to guarantee the shelf life of their product one year and produce a product that supplied over 100 antioxidants in their product. 
By the way, this is a human food grade plant and rice bran based energy bars and products are produced in the same place.
Build A Better Dog uses only Nutrecea’s 100% stabilized rice bran in their supplements.  We believe that this makes a more effective, safer, and more nutritious product for you pets.  
Build A Better Dog is dedicated to the health, growth, and performance of your pet and do everything we can to give you the confidence and peace of mind that our Triad Performance Supplement in your feeding regimen will produce.  You have a partner that cares for your beloved pets.

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